donderdag 1 april 2010

Flowers in white

I am working on a new series of paintings. It started with something I read in a drawing magazine, it included an exercise and I started working on it. They suggested to make a flower arrangement in bright, primary colours, but I chose to make mine in soft ton-sur-ton colours.

I made two white flowers, at my exhibition they were sold... nice! But my husband Siegurd asked me to make two for in our own house. I made the ones in green, and they are displayed in our living room.

I recently made a pair in a sort of petrolblue, slightly smaller, a duette of tulips.
What do you think about them?

I am now thinking of naming this serie, but I have not come up with the right name yet. Maybe "my own hand"... because of a dear old man who saw me using my paletmes, and said: it is always your own hand who makes the painting and nobody elses. I loved this comment, coming straight from a passionate and interested heart.

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