maandag 27 januari 2014

Sketching before painting

I am always searching for interesting pictures to draw, I keep them in a file. 
I now found this interesting picture of a man leaning against a wall, and I think I will make a painting of it.
First, I am making several sketches of him to get to know the subject.
I find I enjoy this more and more, this research, and it also makes it easier to paint 
because you know the persons measurements, 
position, dark and light and so on.

maandag 20 januari 2014

Corners of my studio #1

My studio is a bubbling place of ideas and materials.
It is also a place which becomes more and more cluttered with given fabrics, 
assembled paper (to be used for fun projects), new paintings etc. :(
This is inspiring sometimes and other times I am too overwhelmed by all these materials.
So a resolution for the new year is: clean up my studio...

Since I was a teenager I have been collecting images which inspire me, 
in my studio I have covered one wall with these images (see pictures).
When I take a break from creating and painting I look at this wall just to be inspired again.

maandag 13 januari 2014

Shades of grey

looking at shades of grey, and translating bright colours 
into a black and white scheme resulted in this:

donderdag 2 januari 2014