maandag 26 maart 2012

Put your hands up!

A funny little supporter, cheering you on, hey hey put your hands up! :)

maandag 19 maart 2012

New cotton necklace

Every now and then I get ideas for new accessories, and this time I knitted a beachy necklace. Using a simple stitch, double thread and beachy colours I tried several things and ended up with this design: a knitted cotton necklace, unique, one of a kind and washable. This one is in brown and blue colours.

I also made one with blue and red colours. They are both for sale here in my Etsy-shop.

donderdag 15 maart 2012

Textielplus kunstdagen in Deventer

Tomorrow and Saturday there is an event taking place: Textielplus kunstdagen (textile art), info here in Deventer, where different textile techniques and objects are to be seen. Etsy, the online community for everything handmade, will be present as well. They asked to decorate a small piece of textile, and they will be making the several pieces into one object. This is my contribution and of course I am very curious to see what they will be making. I wanted to use embroidery which I learnt from my grandmother, and make a small painting with thread.

maandag 12 maart 2012

Juan Genovés: "Line without end" (Fila sin fin)

I saw this painting in a German catalogue and found it impressive. I like silhouettes, and the combination of these two forms in one painting is interesting. Juan Genovés is born in 1930 in Valencia, Spain, and he has made lots more paintings with silhouettes. This one is called "Line without end" to give the impression that the line is even going on outside the painting.
Here you can find his website.

dinsdag 6 maart 2012

Planning March

I've just delivered some paintings for an exhibition, I find it very exciting. Working on a painting is quite a personal process, which you do on your own, so when you have finished it and are ready to show it to other persons, you hope that they will enjoy it as much as you did yourself. I feel sort of relieved to have delivered the paintings, and look forward to getting on with other things I am working on. I am now making plans and lists on what to do in March. My studio needs clearing out, now that it starts getting a bit warmer, there are some markets I have to decide on, planning open studio etc. In the meantime I keep drawing at home:

I've been painting patterns, and am not quite sure how to use them, but we'll see...

I've been reading a lot in art books, books on native indians and interior decorating magazines. Today the new IKEA Live magazine came and it features several artists and a new fabric line by IKEA. More inspiration for me!