dinsdag 29 juli 2014

Christmas in July - party set

While it is very much warm weather here, I was busy thinking about Christmas....
Many magazines are working on their December issues in Summer, 
and Etsy therefore organizes a Christmas in July.

I have made some paper goods sets to style your Christmas dinner, or any dinner party.
I always like to decorate the table when we have dinner guests 
and often choose a colour combination for this.
This inspired me to paint some thick paper in abstract patterns and make them into decorations.

You can re-use these and hang them in your Christmas tree, or make a garland with them or style a small corner on a table. You can find the different combinations in my Etsy-shop.

maandag 14 juli 2014

Using new materials

What to do with a pile of Novilon patches...? 
So easy to throw away, but didn't I want to practice printing? 
Okay, so I just started cutting shapes and testing the patterns, frontside, backside.
Fun results! Looking forward to see where this leads me to...