maandag 19 mei 2014

The abundance of spring

We have got some warm and sunny days in the Netherlands
and it seems like spring is exploding with flowers and birds.
It is so nice to be outside now.
The region I live in is sometimes called
the Dutch watergarden
and here you can see why:

So this is where I take my bicycle for some nice rounds
and look for inspiration for paintings and drawings!

dinsdag 6 mei 2014

The crimson field series

At the moment there is a TV-series on the BBC on Sunday evening called: The Crimson Field. 
It is a story about nurses in the First World War and how much they contributed by their work.
I saw a trailer of this series, 
the composition and colour of the images were very inspiring to me. 
So when we had to paint a shot of a movie (for our course), I selected one of these series.

I made a rather large painting and this is a part of it:

The matron is marching with a steady pace to one of her nurses.