dinsdag 30 juni 2009

summer and it feels busy

Temperatures are really warming up here, which is lovely... But there are too many ideas in my head to really enjoy it. Yesterday I spend a whole day making some lovely puppets with my mother. My studio/atelier is a mess because of all the projects and paintings I am working on at the same time... And I have to make pictures of all the new things created etcetera, all really nice things to do, but it feels busy! I'm gonna make a list, and try to make some structure... yes that's what I'll do!

woensdag 10 juni 2009

Inspiration from Sweden

Just recently returned from a holiday in Sweden. There is so much space and so few inhabitants, what a difference with Holland!
I wanted to go to Sweden because I read a lot about Swedish design and I wanted to see for myself. But I must say, I was a bit disappointed... It was hard to find anything. Shops were closed, or only 1 shop in a city. There are of course a lot of "hemsloyd's"; artist centres where hand-made products are shown and sold. And they were nice, but often closed, or very small. Even in Stockholm, it was hard to find the fabrics, paper, books etc. I did however go to the largest IKEA in the world, and it was amazing: what a space and what a products.

I do like the Swedish fabrics, and the culture of hand-made products, it is inspiring!
I'll just keep looking on the internet, for instance www.jansdotter.com, Lotta makes such nice things.