vrijdag 27 juni 2014

And another new one...

 In a newspaper I read such a lovely article, 
about a couple who decided to marry at 90 years old (!).
 This week I started to make a painting of them, this is how I began,
searching for right dimensions,
getting their heads into position,
sketching and searching...

And this is how it may end,
maybe some little details will be added,
not sure about that.
The painting is part of a series I am working on,
to be continued this summer.

maandag 16 juni 2014

New work in the studio

Had fun making something abstract and playing with colours and layers,
mixed technique on canvas, 60*80 cm.
Made by me last Saturday.
Some details:

donderdag 5 juni 2014

Amsterdam Maker Festival

I joined the Amsterdam Maker Festival at a splendid location bij river IJ. 
Together with Jenn from ColornCream (another Dutch Etsy-shop with hook tutorials and accessories) 
we represented the Ka-Ching collective (some active Dutch Etsy-shops working together).
Because it was all about making, 
Jenn was hooking up a pillow and I was drawing small portraits to make a gallery. We had fun!

The making of a new product

A while ago I received a lot of small wooden panels from my husband, 
and after some thought I came up with a new idea: 
to make these into small text panels, as a nice gift/message. 
I like words, I like writing (my grandmother made me enthusiastic about calligraphy, so lovely...) 
and I like painting.

It took some work; sanding, priming, painting first layer, choosing the palette, painting the words,
putting on a hook and wrapping them all before I could take them with me to a fair.
These are some pictures of the process:

They are now for sale in my Etsy-shop for 19.50 euro.