donderdag 23 juni 2011

Nice movie!

I can recommend this movie: Tous les soleils. A french movie, funny, nice views, some Italian, some French, and the story has many surprising and beautiful plots.

I also really liked the music, it is from L'Arpeggiata, they sing old Italian folksongs, they make you smile and lead you right into SUMMER!

In Hilversum it shows in het Filmtheatre which is a nicely decorated and intimate cinema, only 7.50 euro... need I say more...

zaterdag 18 juni 2011

Result of "Pray for Japan": 12877,75 euro!

Remember the catastrophe in Japan? Martine of omstebeurt-een nieuw avontuur coordinated a fund raising and I send in a small drawing to raise money for Japan. Paumes in Japan exhibited these 200(!) art-works and raised more than twelve thousand euros! Wauw, great to be a part of this!

Here is what Paumes writes on their website:
Thank you for your cooperation to "Pray for Japan" exhibition. It was held for Japan earthquake and Tsunami relief.

More than 200 foreign artists have sent us their warm messages and works.
And many people visited our gallery. So we could donate 1465562 yen to Japan Red Cross.

We would like to continue the action for disaster area in Japan.
Many thanks again for your warm feelings to Japan!


dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Pot of gold?

We're off for a hike through the meadows, we saw some pheasants and black-faced sheep.

Could it be that the pot of gold is in our holiday-home...?
No, we didn't find it...

Ullapool in Scotland

Ullapool: a small village on the westcoast of Scotland, nice harbour, small beach and fantastic views!

vrijdag 10 juni 2011

Colourscheme: green

I've been in a country of green...

and it is called: scotland! No wonder I have seen so many studios, craft centres, paintings... who would not be inspired?

welcome this monday!

This Monday I will be in my studio, I've layed out some nice accessories I have made and you can see some new paintings. I'll be there 10-17 hours. Until then?