vrijdag 16 april 2010

A day at the office

You know those days at work, when you're a bit tired?
My colleague and I often made jokes, saying: "hey, it's just another day at the office!", followed by a cup of coffee and then straight on to those tasks of the day. It took the pressure off of being in a stressfull job with just so many problems to solve.
Well, yesterday it was a day at the office for me, but wow did I enjoy it! My office is my studio, here you see the window of my studio-kitchen, looking straight out into the fields. The other one is my studio-window.

I spent the whole day working on a new series of paintings, for lunch I went outside, to sit in the sun and I enjoyed making several pictures (lying with my nose on the ground...).

I think those of you who also enjoy making pictures will recognize the joy of looking for a nice picture, seeing the colours, the contrast, the depth. When you're taking pictures of nature you really have to seize the moment, so it's always a bit exciting to see whether you have succeeded.

So this day at the office was great and satisfactory, especially because I took the time to clean up...

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