vrijdag 30 augustus 2013


This is my newest painting "In thoughts". 
After several studies of the position of the woman and preparing 
the canvas with some materials, I put the sketch on the canvas and started painting.
It is a rather large size for me, so it was quite challenging to get the proportions right.
I am proud of the result, and the position of the woman on the chair will remain an interesting object for me. I think I will keep making studies of her.

This painting is now to be seen at Gallery Kleinvoorde in Twello.

maandag 19 augustus 2013

Africa inspiration

Here in the Netherlands we have a Museum focusing on Africa, on its culture and its art. This week I went to visit, and I really liked it. Outside you have several houses built in a typical African style, and some of them are also decorated. In this picture you see the one decorated with paint.
In the next picture you see a very simple decoration technique in graphical style on the wall, I think it can be done with a stick or a fork into cement which is still moist. 
Wouldn't this be great to decorate your chimney wall??
Inside you find art and sculptures from various different regions. I know that Picasso was inspired into kubism after he visited an exhibition on African art in Paris. And walking through this museum and seeing all those shapes and strange combinations, you can feel that the African style is distinctly different and inspiring. Here are two images I like:

I've been busy in the studio as well, working on some new paintings, enjoying summer and preparing for some workshops. This week there is a workshop on painting with paper, welcome!
I've also sold two small paintings to the USA, and made a small custom order.
I enjoy living a creative life!

donderdag 8 augustus 2013

Paper art in the museum

Once in the two years there is an exhibition on paper art in the CODA museum in Apeldoorn.
I've visited it this year, I love paper art!
Some impressions:
This is the start with a project from Anouk Vogel, folded white flowers, lovely!

Here you see a project from Peter Callesen
a Danish designer, he has made a human being out of silhouettes.

And this was an inspiring project of a Greek designer (I forgot to note the name),
 she cut endless rows of flowers from the financial pages of the paper.
To make something positive out of the endless negative news because of the economic crisis.

dinsdag 6 augustus 2013

Last month

Last month:
was a very warm one, with lots of sunshine.
I've been enjoying these summer times, sitting in the garden, going biking, meeting with friends and working.
In my studio I've been working on several projects,
on a very large painting which has been on my wishlist for long, 
and now I took the time to study the model
and to paint her. 
Here you see a part of the painting. I'll probably be selling it through my website:

Also I've been working on a custom order 
of someone who wanted her wedding-gown to be in a painting.
I like doing custom orders, but they are a bit scary as well. 
How to translate their ideas into a painting and do it in my style?
But it worked out well and both the customer and myself are content.
This is a tiny part of the painting;

I've been drawing as well, just because you need to practise, because it is fun to see what you can draw and to find your own signature of drawing. I made this self-portrait with waterpaint.

I need to work on some mini-art for an art market as well, and I am working on a series of paintings, this may take a while but I am already learning a lot from it.