maandag 30 januari 2017

Dutch tiles

In the Netherlands we have a long tradition of tile-making, 
unfortunately they are used less and less on new houses.
I think they are mainly used indoors nowadays, for kitchens for example.
But tiles were used as decoration for the outside as well,
see here, for your entrance:

Plain and functional as floor tiles

Beautifully decorated with details


And combined together!
In lots of Dutch cities, and villages, you can find these examples. 
Fortunately they are often treasured by their owners.... or salvaged by architecture lovers.

maandag 23 januari 2017

Dutch city Utrecht - pictures

Last weekend we had a meeting of our local ETSY-team,
a good moment for inspiration and Dutch coffee and cookies!
We visited a lovely workspace in the centre of the city Utrecht,
I made some pictures along the canal close-by, sharing them here:

So much decorative details, look at the drainage pipe (top right)

A Dutch letterbox...

Typically Dutch: two green ornaments in front of your house

Love to have such a front door, attention for detail
#etsy, #UtrechtCity

woensdag 4 januari 2017

On my desk...

On my desk is my sketchbook for watercolours.
Just like to experiment in between, while working on the computer...

Simple watercolours and a Sharpie-pen

Small illustrations
Furthermore, I am working on plans for this new year. 
It will be a bit of challenge, because my studio is getting a new roof and this means I have to clear out all stuff... and cannot host any workshops.