donderdag 21 augustus 2014

Artist inspiration in Textile Museum

I visited an inspiring exhibition in the Textile Museum. Various artists like Picasso and Andy Warhol made designs for fabric, here you see some examples:

Andy Warhol

inspiration from old books

The exhibition is still showing for a couple of weeks.
The Museum is an inspiring place for creative persons, 
showing old processes of making blankets. 
And in the Textile Lab you find the newest methods and designs. 
There is also a fascinating library which has a very large collection.

maandag 11 augustus 2014

Matisse in Tate Modern

The Tate Modern has been showing the cut-outs of Matisse, 
here is a glimpse for some inspiration:

Henri Matisse The Snail 1953
And a link to a nice video:

Wish I could have visited!

Matisse inspired me to put together a workshop on his cut-outs.
Students enjoyed the process, here is a modern take on this:


maandag 4 augustus 2014

Summer still life

 Still lives sometimes seem a bit outdated... 
but I experienced myself that you can learn a lot from looking at a still life: 
dimensions, shape, shades, composition etc.
I am therefore organizing a workshop on August, 13 in the evening where we will be looking at a summer fruit still-life and make a painting or drawing of it.
It can be made in so many different styles; impressionistic, loose, precise, in one colour, 
it is inspiring, you just need to take the time to do it!