woensdag 30 mei 2012

Colour inspiration from nature

Somehow the colour of flowers always seem so bright, I like this combination of orange, blue and fresh green. Different shades of green actually... to make this picture more exciting. I often use different shades of one colour, it is calming and adds a sort of depth.
In one of the classes I often started with a green colour for an abstract painting, my teacher would scream: No, please no green...! She always had trouble with green. Not everybody likes green, but I keep using it, it is not a boring colour!

maandag 28 mei 2012

corrugated shed

Colour combinations can be seen everywhere, on one of my walks I saw this old shed of which the colours have aged. I am often not aware how this will inspire me when I am painting, maybe I should pay more attention and start a map in which I sort out all these pictures, as a sort of reference or a base for a painting...

dinsdag 1 mei 2012

Some pictures...

The weather was a bit disappointing this Saturday, still I had some lovely visitors in the studio. Here are some pictures:
Two of my pastel drawings have become part of my brother's practice in the city Delft:

I've been wanting to go and see the painting of Vermeer "Meisje met de parel" in the museum, and now I've read that the painting will be travelling abroad to other Museums... It is only in the Hague until half June... mmm...hope I make it, see Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.