vrijdag 28 augustus 2009

Spectacular skies

In one of my drawing lessons (pastel crayons), we had to focus on clouds. Drawing clouds is just not that easy, so I am often looking up to see the clouds and the skies and to try to memorize the colors for when I am drawing. One evening, I stepped into my garden, and looked up, and there was this amazing sky: imminent, strange colour, fading, depth, layers... well I just had to take a picture.


I have never learnt how to use a sowing-machine. My grandmother did teach me a lot of other skills like knitting, crocheting etc. but this machine... I don't know... I am just not that patient, at least that's what I thought of myself.

But hey, you never know when you haven't tried, so I am just practicing away and trying, and maybe after a slow start.. I will start enjoying it.

Just enjoying myself

Inspired by Heather Moore from South Africa, I enjoyed myself with some scraps of fabric. Fabric with which I did not know exactly what to do, but joined together in a pattern it looks kinda nice. I think about making a small children'sblanket or a bag with it...

maandag 17 augustus 2009

Another try for some photos...it worked!

Here are some of the photos of my trip to Bergen, a really picturesque village, typical Dutch and also near the beach! Many artists live here and the architecture of some of the houses is extraordinary, there is a small lane which is internationally known for the houses. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

First craft fair

Last Saturday, it was my first Craft Fair, and it was exciting. The weather was sunny and there were lots of people strolling along all the handmade products. I had done my best to make my place look really nice, and I think I succeeded...
Some friends and family came to visit, really nice, and a lot of people commented on the products. Which is for me a good learning process, I also find it interesting what people say about it, or what they comment on it. The children's paintings had a lot of interest, I often saw people smiling when they saw the small little animals. Some people were drawn by the abstract paintings and I think I almost sold one, but no....
I really enjoyed the fair, the contact with the visitors, the exchange of ideas and meanings, so until next year!

maandag 10 augustus 2009


It is a lovely morning today, there is no wind, easy sunshine and it is so quiet outside... I love it!
I have been reading some of the blogs I follow, it is so nice to read about the lives of creative people: what they're up to, what inspires them, what choices they make.
On the "buy handmade- website" I read a quote from Picasso:

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"

I love how art can open up one's soul, and go beyond that first look. It gives a new perspective on life, just as my faith in our Creator gives me a new and deeper perspective of life. I think people need to have their souls be washed clean, every now and then, so as to feel alive...

Enjoy your day, be inspired!