donderdag 26 mei 2011

Working on your own...

involves many things.

I've started my own business in 2009, and am enjoying it! But there is a whole road to travel on which you find so many things to learn or to decide. Starting by the basics: how am I going to do it? What is my plan? To: how am I going to continue, to challenge myself?
A while ago I sold one of my paintings and was requested to make a "twin"- painting. I really enjoy these assignments in which you are challenged to re-invent your technique to make a similar painting, but equally beautiful and interesting.
This is the result: two paintings.

And then comes the other challenge: taking a nice picture. Having framed them the glass is mirroring, making it difficult/impossible to make a front picture. So it would be better to take a picture before framing them... but then the presentation is less finished and they look nice framed... mmmm...
So now I have to learn a bit about photo-techniques and my camera, which is just another aspect... keeping me on focus and busy!

dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Flowers, drawing and so on

With again some computer issues... (frustrating that I cannot solve them myself) I am now working on the laptop. I've been working a lot in the garden and enjoying the nice weather. I have several flowers of the family akelei, and this is the darkest one I have. A really dark, middleaged colour purple, I like this one.

I have also been in the studio working on two paintings, a large one trying to simplify and control my style. Saturday I visited some colleagues here in the village in their open studio. This was really fun to meet them and see their work. In between I am drawing a lot, this was a scribble I made while in a meeting.

dinsdag 10 mei 2011

I haven't stopped drawing

Drawing is fun! This drawing I made after seeing the video of Carla Sonheim, which she made for the Etsy Lab. She explains a technique to draw fantasy animals (as Picasso often did). The result is surprising... in the sense that you would not normally draw a bird like this. So your fantasy gets teased and broadens your horizon. I found the colouring with pencils quite difficult, so this is a happy colourful bird...

donderdag 5 mei 2011

OPEN STUDIO - welcome!

This Friday and Saturday my studio is open for visit. I've redecorated and painted part of the studio resulting in more light!
The outlet store of office furniture is also open, so if you need any second-hand desks or chairs for a small price... welcome.

10-18 hours, Nw. Loosdrechtsedijk 106 in Nieuw-Loosdrecht

New paintings:

I made and designed some new accessories: