maandag 28 februari 2011

A Drawing A Day..: #28 last one...

Last drawing... tomorrow some reflections.

A Drawing A Day..: #27 mixed media

(fineliner and pastelcrayons)

A Drawing A Day..: #26

In Flow-magazine there is an article about drawing and this encouraged me to try my hand at making a small character, nice article by the way. It says: anyone can draw, just try!, see

donderdag 24 februari 2011

A Drawing A Day..: #22

A Drawing A Day..: #21

A Drawing A Day..: #20 Fox

Rhinoceros attempt no. 3

I made a more detailed version. It is still not the perfect one, but I think I am getting there. Now that I am home I will look for a picture of a real one and then try again.

A Drawing A Day..: #19 rhinoceros attempt

I remembered that they have a pronounced lower jaw, so maybe that was it. Attempt no. 2.

A Drawing A Day..: #18 rhinoceros attempt

I thought it would be nice to make a gray rhinoceros on gray cardboard, but I did not have a picture so I drew from my imagination. Anyways this is my first one... A kind of nice animal, but what is it exactly...? Something is missing or wrong, I don't know.

A Drawing A Day..: #17

A Drawing A Day..: #16 Susie

A Drawing A Day..: #15

A Drawing A Day..: #14 Pjotr

A Drawing A Day..: #13

A Drawing A Day..: #12 Monique Wiemeyer

A Drawing A Day..: #11

I'm back, I've spent some nice days in France to draw and paint. The weather was a bit unstable but with three days of sunshine I enjoyed it. I continued my a drawing a day-project there.

donderdag 10 februari 2011

A Drawing A Day..: project pause and reflection

While thinking of this drawing-project I wrote down some of my thoughts. Like to share them:

Worries are:
- I will fail at this project
- I will discover that I cannot draw
- I will be frustrated that I cannot draw exactly that, which is in my mind

No-worries (funny word!):
- not knowing something to draw

Well, so far it takes some effort to sit down and draw and publish everyday. But it gives me the opportunity to spend more time drawing. So for me: I can say that I like this project, where-ever it leads too.

However, I have to pause this project for a short period, because I am off to France where I will be drawing and painting for some days. Looking forward to that!
So I will continue the A Drawing A Day in France, and will give you an update when I get back.

A Drawing A Day..: #10

donderdag 3 februari 2011

A Drawing A Day..: #3

A Drawing A Day..: #2

A Drawing A Day..: #1

One of the reasons for this project is practice to be able to illustrate a children's book. I've read a lot about illustrators and they say: practice, practice... but that's harder than I thought. So to motivate myself: this project.

Another one is challenge myself to try and draw everything.

woensdag 2 februari 2011

Project: A Drawing A Day - February

For the month February I am starting a project called A Drawing A Day (ADAD). My goal is to draw each day something and then publish it on my own blog. So I've failed this project even before it has started, because it is now February 2nd and I am already two drawings behind.

Well, I am doing this project anyway, so tomorrow there will be 3 drawings!

Here's just a teeny tiny one to start off with. It measures 3x5 cm and was just something I made in my sketchbook: