vrijdag 29 juli 2011

Project #6: new illustration

Doodling, scribbling, drawing without thinking, drawing while listening to someone: you read about it more and more. It is a nice way to just let your creativity flow, no boundaries, no thoughts, just let it go. One of my favourite "doodlers" (is this a word...?) is Taro Gomi, I wrote about him before on my blog. I've got one of his books in which he stimulates children to finish drawings, to doodle and he is inspiring.

So, I also doodle, sometimes while sitting on the couch watching some television, but often in church while listening. Last time this polar bear appeared while doodling, I like him, so I drew him again and put him into a nice colourful frame. He inspired me into making this drawing into some varieties, I made them into some postcards which can be seen in my atelier!

maandag 18 juli 2011

Project #5: furniture make-over

As some of you may have discovered, I like to experiment and try my creativity at different projects. These stools were waiting for a make-over, the top ones got a base-coat of red paint, then another layer of this sandy colour, then I sanded it down to give that country-feel, and painted stripes on it (they remind me of a teatowel-pattern) and finally a layer of varnish as protection.

The grey ones were painted white at first, then a grey layer, and then a white layer on top of it. The white didn't stick very well, but became this bubbly effect. I decided to let it dry because I really like this pattern! I finished it with a coat of varnish.

They are for sale for 39 euros each. Anyone?... :-)

maandag 11 juli 2011

project #3: finished painting

A new painting, a sort of grouse-bird, inspired by our trip to Scotland. Acrylic paint on cardboard, waiting to be framed...

©by ZIZOlabel, photo: C.A., photo is part of painting

donderdag 7 juli 2011

Project #2 Drawing Lab

Project #2 comes from a book I ordered: Drawing Lab, by Carla Sonheim, this book is full of drawing exercises to increase your fantasy and to let go of any restrictions. I sat down for some water colour exercises with a cup of tea and some cookies. I made several paintings but this crazy bird I liked the best... he's a bit punk isn't he?

dinsdag 5 juli 2011

Project #1

I am working on two acrylic paintings. My startingpoint was to make something quiet and balanced, but then I noticed that the cardboard I was using, was working with me to make nice lines, structure and depth in a subtle way. Because I used the colour white as a base, I could paint several layers on top of each other. Very thin layers so that the structure is still visible.
I left the paintings for a while, not knowing exactly what to do with them. I could not leave the thought that they are actually beaches, so I decided to make some beach tents on them to recall that summery feeling...
At the moment the paintings are waiting for the final touch because I am not satisfied with the black lines,they are too thin and not visible enough when you are standing some meters away.
Would I have thought to make some beach-paintings? no! Am I happy with them? yes!

maandag 4 juli 2011

Structure vs. chaos

My studio is a bit of a mess as you can see. I am often working on several projects at the same time, for example: while waiting for the paint to dry I am making a sketch for an accessory or an illustration... This will go on for some time (read: weeks), and I happily leave the studio in a complete chaos, until... my head gets into a spin because of all the different ideas and I need some fresh structure to complete and finish and close some of the projects. Then it is cleaning, storing and so on until I have empty workspace for some new projects...

Soon I will show some of the new projects I am working on.