maandag 16 oktober 2017

Paper art - CODA museum

Another museum I visited is the CODA museum, 
every two years they host an exhibition for paper artists.

An impression of this year, starting with my favourite:
an artwork made by Miriam LondoƱo from Colombia,
refering to the refugee crisis,
drawings from pulp paper were pinned to the wall.

This one is made by Kumi Yasmashita from Japan,
first I saw coloured paper, and then I saw the faces.

I am not sure who are the makers of these,
but I liked the sculptures and graphics.

maandag 9 oktober 2017

Traditional Dutch knitwear

Repaired jeans, ripped up jeans,
it seems to be a trend.
In a museum on Dutch history and crafts I saw this made and mended knitwear, 
of original coloured wool,
like they made it in earlier days.
It has a special charm to it, I think.

It was lying there on a chair, in an old farmhouse where they showed the life of a craftswoman.
Here are some pictures:

maandag 2 oktober 2017

Castle fair

Castle fair, September, Sypesteyn, the Netherlands.

I love the gardens around castles,
so was happy to spend a day on the art fair with my paintings and drawings:

maandag 25 september 2017


Autumn has arrived, and so have the mushrooms:
In all colours, see these purple ones:

Or camouflage brown:

And the one of  the fairy tales:

maandag 11 september 2017

Time flies

In April I was working on this painting, before the renovation of the studio,
I am looking forward to the time to be painting again.
Maybe the end of this month... yeah!

Painting in progress, ZIZOlabel

donderdag 7 september 2017

Quick drawing by heart

Made some quick drawings in my sketchbook,
just let imagination and impressions come out of your pen.
Often quite surprising...