maandag 16 juli 2018

Weeks without rain

We have a very dry summer,
the landscape slowly turns yellow...

Soft colours...
A couple of years ago I made these landscape paintings,
which remind me of the lakes and reeds and cloudy skies:

maandag 9 juli 2018


Lots of pinks in our vegetable garden!
The sun makes them splash out!

maandag 2 juli 2018

Visit to the factory Royal Talens

To learn more about the paint and materials I use, I visited the factory of the Dutch brand Royal Talens.
They were established in 1899, and started to produce paint, pastels and other drawing materials.
Very inspiring to hear about the history, and interesting to see the whole process in the factory 
(of which no pictures were taken).
Some vintage items in a collection:

The factory and the truck for distribution:

Lots of nice products to try new techniques:

My own vintage watercolour box, I am still using it!

In the factory you could see the hard work put into making the right colours of paint with pigments,
and also the quality control of the products.
I am happy to be using this Dutch brand!

maandag 25 juni 2018

Beautiful Italy

The small streets in Italy, the colours of the houses, the nice weather,
lovely holiday memories:

And somehow I always take pictures of mailboxes:

donderdag 21 juni 2018

Evening bike ride

The long summer days are great for making evening bike rides.
At 9.30 pm I decided to go out and see the last rays of sunlight.
Long grasses, fields of wheat and some wind...

The last picture is just 50 m from our house,
these fields change each year, lovely!

maandag 18 juni 2018

Model drawings

In between other jobs I like making small figure drawings.
I take a magazine, and look for some interesting poses or characters:

vrijdag 8 juni 2018

Staring into the distance

I made a small painting,
this is a close-up:

The weather is very sunny and warm here which I have been enjoying.
In the studio I am experimenting with some different techniques,
a new card series with painted paper is in the making,
I am finishing some abstract paintings and in between I am drawing.
On my wishlist: visiting several museums this summer.