maandag 25 november 2013

Looking for...

I am thinking of applying for a gallery in France, 
did not know what style to apply with, so made some sketches. 
Thought about a series of drawings like this one... because I really like to draw, 
but have decided on something else...
cannot say what it is... I have to work on it for a while.

maandag 11 november 2013

Library happiness

Fortunately, we still have a library in our village (almost lost because of upscaling and cutbacks...) 
and I have been a visitor since my childhood. As a child I mostly read series of books and it was always an adventure to get those issues you hadn't read yet. So me and my friend teamed up, and when she had read the book, she gave it to me. It came up to a point that I had read all my favourite series, and had to look out for new interesting series and writers.

And now, as a creative person, I am of course looking for the art and craft books (and for French movies of which I am a definite fan...). 
This week it was library happiness 
because I found some very new issues of craft books!

donderdag 7 november 2013

Cleaning up for the open studio this Saturday

Ah, time to clean up, sort out my studio!
My studio is open this Saturday for visitors to come 
and see what I have been up to, or to maybe look for some handmade holiday gifts.

I have this enormous pile of paintings on paper: which ones are good enough to show and sell? And am I ready to part with some of them? After all, I know when I made them, what the process was. Someone adviced me to hold on to some paintings which clearly reflect my development as an artist... and I have taken that advice. But I also love to sell my paintings, I like sharing what I've made.