maandag 29 augustus 2011

Colours of August

several shades of green, from dark, warm green to lighter green, soft pink, bright pink, purple pink, warm red-orange, beige and yellow grass... an August-range of colours... to lure us into Autumn...

Colourful birds

I enjoyed making these colourful birds, first I drew with a permanent marker and then I coloured them with pencils in several layers. This colouring is quite a relaxing exercise, I discovered.

Was it only one week ago that I wrote about the SUN....? Well, it has been raining for several days now and the sun seems to have left us..:-( The rain kept me indoors, with the advantage that I started colouring and working on a workshop-preparation, but I'll tell more about that another time.

maandag 22 augustus 2011

It was a sunny weekend!

The sun was at her best this weekend at the art fair. Lots of people wandered about, enjoying the sun, the craftmanship of wood artisans, the icecreams and visiting the art fair... it was a nice event! I had some nice interest in all my handmade products, lots of people taking my businesscard, so we'll see...

One of the chainsaw-artists was making something special: an owl on top, and an amazing owl at the side spreading his wings, and a third owl was to come at the bottom.. such craftmanship!

woensdag 17 augustus 2011

this Saturday: summer fair in the forest!

Near the small village Lage Vuursche an art and craft fair is held in the woods. There are a lot of activities around the theme forest and wood. I'll be there at the art fair with some new cushion pillows, flowery bags, postcards and so on, all handmade and my own design.
Welcome! See het Houthakkersfeest!

donderdag 11 augustus 2011

More inspiration from the Museum

In the Textilemuseum, there were many machines from the industry and when you look with eyes of colour and patterns there are nice pictures to be made.
I love the grey-white-yellow combination and the softness of the pattern.

You could say this is only one colour, but ofcourse this one colour consists of many tones (lighter-darker), and here the pattern of knots is well... complicated?

vrijdag 5 augustus 2011

A day in the Textilemuseum

Why not use the Summer for some inspiration and nice outings? I've spent a day in the Textile Museum in Tilburg, to look at the craft of making blankets, patterns, new weaving-techniques and so on.

These cards are used as patterns for the damask tablecloths. They have holes punched in them, and these holes represent a pattern which is then made by the machine. Often floral patterns and very complicated but beautiful.

We also saw the process of wool to blanket: a process of weaving and felting. The soft touch of the felted blankets was done by pulling the blankets over thistles, so to soften the fibers. Unfortunately, the demand for blankets decreased and many factories in the city Tilburg had to close down. In the museum there is an exhibition about the history of these factories, and another bonus is the library where you could spend hours looking through books to see different techniques, old patterns, new designs and so on.

There is also the Lab, where students are trying out new patterns and new techniques, you can see them at work.
This is the cafe where you can enjoy lunch..., nice and colourful weaving on the benches.
More information you find on the site of Textielmuseum.