donderdag 26 september 2013


The Art Fair was really nice, I spoke to a lot of people about drawing and painting. Each one has its own experiences or opinions on art. I sold quite a lot of small items, but no paintings. I brought this Heart-painting:

I've made a series of these hearts a while ago, it's all about layers and movement. I wanted a rustic feel to it, so we made the frames ourselves. We had quite a positive response to the painting but no buyers yet, so it will be in my studio for a while.
There were a lot of visitors and luckily some sunshine, so we spent a nice day on the fair.

There has been quite a lot on my mind (ideas, some worries and a lot of cleaning to do), so it was good to take some time and make a hike in the woods with my husband. We enjoy searching for mushrooms and photographing them, we try to enlarge our knowledge about them. And I like to look at the colours and structures, autumn is slowly beginning here:

The lessons at the academy have started, this year's subject is on Art and Photography. Here you see my corner and palette, and the results of the group:

Until next time! I'll be spending a lot of time cleaning up, making some new bags and key-chains, working on a workshop-proposal and clearing my head, pfew ;).

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