maandag 19 augustus 2013

Africa inspiration

Here in the Netherlands we have a Museum focusing on Africa, on its culture and its art. This week I went to visit, and I really liked it. Outside you have several houses built in a typical African style, and some of them are also decorated. In this picture you see the one decorated with paint.
In the next picture you see a very simple decoration technique in graphical style on the wall, I think it can be done with a stick or a fork into cement which is still moist. 
Wouldn't this be great to decorate your chimney wall??
Inside you find art and sculptures from various different regions. I know that Picasso was inspired into kubism after he visited an exhibition on African art in Paris. And walking through this museum and seeing all those shapes and strange combinations, you can feel that the African style is distinctly different and inspiring. Here are two images I like:

I've been busy in the studio as well, working on some new paintings, enjoying summer and preparing for some workshops. This week there is a workshop on painting with paper, welcome!
I've also sold two small paintings to the USA, and made a small custom order.
I enjoy living a creative life!

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