donderdag 1 november 2012

New festive cards

Well, it's been a while... we went on holiday for a week and enjoyed the autumn colours, I designed and made some christmas accessories (pics will follow), worked on some ideas for workshops and made some proposals for lessons. Not much painting I'm afraid, but does drawing in ones sketchbook also count...? :) I've made some nice sketches, some quite graphic, others inspired by tv-documentaries. I saw a tv-series and in a short flash they were showing cave drawings from the early days, so inspiring! I quickly took my sketchbook and made some drawings of the exact cave drawings and then made some of my own inspired by them. Maybe I'll use them some day.

I also had a lot of fun in making some fun and festive cards with paint, which I then scanned so I can print them from my computer, they are for sale in my ETSY-shop, they can be used for christmas or for a party.

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