maandag 12 november 2012

A quick drawing-exercise

This is my workspace, quite cosy..., but the computer is not one of my favourite items so I tried a drawing exercise by Carla.
Carla Sonheim is one of my favourite American artists, I wrote about her before. I have one of her books (Drawing Lab) and often use it for some fun drawing. She now has a new book The Art of Silliness, she writes about it on her blog. I tried one of her assignments which was to draw a cat in one line and then draw more cats in the same way. It was a fun break from staring at my screen the whole time. And here are some results:

I like her exercises so much because:
* they are fun!
* you can just practice your hand, and just try, so low profile
* they make that you look at things in a different way
* they can be done quickly
* the results are almost always surprising
* they take your mind off other things
Which reminds me, back to work now! :-)

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