vrijdag 29 juli 2011

Project #6: new illustration

Doodling, scribbling, drawing without thinking, drawing while listening to someone: you read about it more and more. It is a nice way to just let your creativity flow, no boundaries, no thoughts, just let it go. One of my favourite "doodlers" (is this a word...?) is Taro Gomi, I wrote about him before on my blog. I've got one of his books in which he stimulates children to finish drawings, to doodle and he is inspiring.

So, I also doodle, sometimes while sitting on the couch watching some television, but often in church while listening. Last time this polar bear appeared while doodling, I like him, so I drew him again and put him into a nice colourful frame. He inspired me into making this drawing into some varieties, I made them into some postcards which can be seen in my atelier!

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