dinsdag 5 juli 2011

Project #1

I am working on two acrylic paintings. My startingpoint was to make something quiet and balanced, but then I noticed that the cardboard I was using, was working with me to make nice lines, structure and depth in a subtle way. Because I used the colour white as a base, I could paint several layers on top of each other. Very thin layers so that the structure is still visible.
I left the paintings for a while, not knowing exactly what to do with them. I could not leave the thought that they are actually beaches, so I decided to make some beach tents on them to recall that summery feeling...
At the moment the paintings are waiting for the final touch because I am not satisfied with the black lines,they are too thin and not visible enough when you are standing some meters away.
Would I have thought to make some beach-paintings? no! Am I happy with them? yes!

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