dinsdag 24 november 2009

Some reflection on my way of painting

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I have always been creative, I think what I enjoy most about the process of creativity is developing new ideas, creating something new. I have a couple of notebooks in which I write down my ideas; a colour of a dress, a colour combination or a pattern can already make me start thinking about ideas. Often one idea leads to 5 other possibilities, it is endless. They just pop up in my head. It is sometimes tiring though…
When I paint I often start with a colour combination or a movement. I think I would describe my technique as intuitive painting, I start and then make movements, use different techniques and take a step back to look at the result, at the balance, the exciting parts. And then sometimes things start to happen, or have happened, and I ask myself: how did I do it??

I have learned a lot during the courses I followed (by Cinzia Bailo, http://www.cinziabailo.com), by just doing it, by looking at other people’s choices of colour. You never stop learning and the ideas are endless…

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