maandag 16 november 2009

nice store: restored!

A couple of weeks ago I went to good old Amsterdam (I have lived there for almost 6 years) to make a tour in the city in the area of the Haarlemmerstraat. I read a lot about all the small shops in this area, which are often owned by artists and designers.
One of them is RESTORED,, a nice little shop where a collective of young designers sell their hand-made products, for instance bags, chairs, wallets, scarfs etc. Small shop, but unique!
Another one I really liked in the same street is Het Grote Avontuur, the interior was very creative with attention to detail and with some humor in it too.
Accidentally we ended up in a real Amsterdam-market, I don't know whether it was de Noordermarkt, or de Lindengrachtmarkt... but those people... down-to-earthhabitants of Amsterdam. They made me smile...

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