dinsdag 6 oktober 2015

Inspiration by this book

Books have inspired me for a long time, 
I think I am always eager to learn new techniques.
So this time I focused on a book on USE OF COLOUR, given to me by a friend.
I have just started, there is lots to read.


I use colour by intuition, and by experiment.
Of course there are some rules on colour, for instance how to use dominant colours. 
I sometimes like to just ignore those and see where things lead me.

I remember this lesson in our class: we had to paint a rather large canvas for a large portrait. I wanted something happy and bright so I took my light green bottle of paint and painted the whole canvas green. 
My teacher came to me in silence, just stood there looking, and then abandoned me. 
He probably thought I was rather mad....

Of course it was only the base. 
It ended up in this painting of an older French man, just back from buying his daily baguette.

The tricky thing was that we had to paint with our brush on a long stick. I used a broomstick, so it was very long.... this technique forces you to look at the larger picture and not worry too much on details (you cannot paint those anyway with your brush on a stick). I learned a lot from this exercise.

Working on the basics of the portrait

Finished painting

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