vrijdag 28 augustus 2015

Family craft in Uppercase Magazine

One of my favourite magazines is the Canadian Uppercase Magazine
Probably because it is about graphics, craft, words, letters and art... 
It has really nice articles about Makers and their passion for their work.

Sometimes there is a call for stories about craft. 
When I saw there was one about Lace, I send in a story about a family-member. 
I have inherited a box full of hand-made lace and doilies made by my great-aunt, and maybe even her mother. They are so delicate, it is a craft we are almost losing.
Therefore, I was glad to see they published the story in Uppercase.

These are pictures of my family's craft and the box full of treasures:

I have also found a book on Dutch lace and its history, which I like to read. 
And the lace inspired me to some drawings, here's one:

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