maandag 10 november 2014

Etsy, a world of makers

For some years now I have my own shop on Etsy. 
It is exciting, being part of a global network of crafters, discovering so many nice products.
It is also a good opportunity for me to connect with other local Dutch makers. 
I have become a member of two teams in my neighbourhood which have led to new contacts and co-operation.

However, my own network and other Dutch people seem a bit hesitant to visit Etsy. 
I do not fully understand because it works the same as other big online shops.
Maybe we have to talk more about it? 
This Friday we will be exchanging ideas about that with the Ka-Ching team.

Etsy is also an easy way for me to launch new products and this is what I did the last couple of weeks. Taking the pictures and making sure it looks nice does take some time, but hey, 
here are some of my products:

A poppy drawing...

And here is the link to my shop! 

These text signs make a lovely holiday gift!
Art on a stool

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