vrijdag 12 april 2013

Inspiration from Nordic Art

I thought I'd write a bit about where I find my inspiration. It is quite diverse I must say, but let's start with several exhibitions.
At the moment there is an exhibition in the Groninger Museum (north of the Netherlands) on Nordic Art and I really enjoyed it. Because of the Nordic light the colours were often soft and this gave an intimate feel to several paintings. 
Another thing I noticed were the paintings representing a scene in the home. Maybe because it is often cold in the Scandinavian region, it was easier to paint a scene inside? And of course it was also cozy inside which gave warm light.
This painting represents a scene after the modelling session, the model is dressing herself and the painter is playing his violin for some distraction or contemplation.
Unfortunately it was not allowed to take pictures, there was one painting with a really mysterious atmosphere, I could not find a card of picture of it.
The exhibition lasts until 5th of May.

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