donderdag 28 juni 2012

My creative place

I am fortunate to have my own creative place, my atelier where I can go to and focus. At the moment it is so green here in Loosdrecht and the rural setting of the atelier is lovely. Dutch skies with typical cloudshapes and green meadows with sheep are only a few steps away and I enjoy it every minute. My neighbour is working in his vegetable garden and showing the produce and sometimes sharing some rhubarb or lettuce.

The green aspect is also present in one of my paintings, see detail:

In the creative place I have been doing several things: I printed fabric with some stencils I designed myself, I prepared a course I would like to give this summer, I made some drawings and I cleaned the space to prepare for this summer-visitors. Oh, and I made some really nice bags with a new fabric I found!

And I made a new painting:
So, a small update, now I am off to finish some other things!

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