donderdag 29 september 2011

Inspiration from "de WOONBEURS"

In Amsterdam "de Woonbeurs" is taking place where interiormagazines, designers, decorators etc. are showing their new ideas and products. I've been there 10 years ago and now decided it was time for a new introduction.

I really enjoyed it and I like to share some of the things I saw. For instance, the wall hangings made with plants. Nicely decorated and nice to see some green!

Each interior magazine builds its own house, I like the one of VT Wonen the best: a bit trendy, new use of old materials, some new designs, really nice. I liked their idea to make a bench/sidetable of wood, simply held together by some belts and then styled. Ofcourse the downside is that you have to have a very large house to achieve the same effect :-), but this idea can be used in different ways if you are a bit creative...

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