donderdag 26 mei 2011

Working on your own...

involves many things.

I've started my own business in 2009, and am enjoying it! But there is a whole road to travel on which you find so many things to learn or to decide. Starting by the basics: how am I going to do it? What is my plan? To: how am I going to continue, to challenge myself?
A while ago I sold one of my paintings and was requested to make a "twin"- painting. I really enjoy these assignments in which you are challenged to re-invent your technique to make a similar painting, but equally beautiful and interesting.
This is the result: two paintings.

And then comes the other challenge: taking a nice picture. Having framed them the glass is mirroring, making it difficult/impossible to make a front picture. So it would be better to take a picture before framing them... but then the presentation is less finished and they look nice framed... mmmm...
So now I have to learn a bit about photo-techniques and my camera, which is just another aspect... keeping me on focus and busy!

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