dinsdag 1 maart 2011

A Drawing A Day..: reflections

The month February is over, and my project ends here. At least online, I think. I really enjoy drawing and I discovered that my fantasy is being stimulated by drawing each day. So my intention is to continue drawing in a sketchbook, finding a sort of structure/style.

What I really like about drawing is:
- you don't need a lot of materials, even a scrap piece of paper (I used a French muesli-package) and a pen is enough to get going. You'll get inventive in combining different materials to see what effect they have.
- having one base or theme as a drawing and then making various versions of it stimulates your vision and thoughts on an object: "What if I use one line, what if I make it in colours, what if I make an abstract version?"

Frustrations are my own expectations, you want to draw something in a sort of style and you can't get your hand to do it. Or your hand is stuttering, as if it does not want to draw the line fluently. You make mistakes, that's it, and you have to accept them and start again.

Today's drawing is one of the exercises Carla Sonheim has in her book "Drawing Lab". She did a video for the Etsy Lab, you find it on her website. I think I am pleased with the result of this really funny and weird looking bird. Thanks Carla!
And thank you readers for joining me in this project!

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