dinsdag 15 september 2009

What I've been up to?

Hey, time goes by easily... What I've been up to? I am now at the moment preparing some paintings which will be exhibitioned in my brother's practice in Delft. I need to make a small portfolio for that with pictures, prices, information and so on.
I am doing some administration, I am working on an assignment for my aunt, I have finished two paintings which I am quite proud of (and happy to have finished... because the finishing touch took me a long time, and I would like to get on with some other ideas), I have been busy for church, and I am busy with making some ideas with textile.
Yesterday, my mind was in a sort of spin, because I had been working so concentrated that I felt a bit dizzy... But I am fine, don't worry.
The image is just one of a series of some drawing I have been doing with pastel crayons, the picture is a bit dark, but you'll get the idea.
Ok, on to work now... no I am not stressed, just spinning...

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