maandag 27 juli 2009

The beach and a nice Dutch village

This weekend I went to Bergen, a small village near the beach. I often read about it, and it is known for its artists and the architecture. Besides I wanted to go to the beach...!
It was lovely, a small typical Dutch village with small stores, beautiful houses and a really holiday-atmosphere... I brought my camera and I found this special-shaped window, I like it! And in a small street I found these fruits, neatly presented outside. I had to take these pictures.
And then we went to the beach, many Kite-surfers, strong wind and really nice!
We had a good time and the visit inspired me, I would like to go again...

I am now working on some children paintings and I have purchased some new fabric, just for some new ideas...

I am sorry, I can't get the photos uploaded, it takes forever and I am not so patient, I'm afraid...

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