woensdag 10 juni 2009

Inspiration from Sweden

Just recently returned from a holiday in Sweden. There is so much space and so few inhabitants, what a difference with Holland!
I wanted to go to Sweden because I read a lot about Swedish design and I wanted to see for myself. But I must say, I was a bit disappointed... It was hard to find anything. Shops were closed, or only 1 shop in a city. There are of course a lot of "hemsloyd's"; artist centres where hand-made products are shown and sold. And they were nice, but often closed, or very small. Even in Stockholm, it was hard to find the fabrics, paper, books etc. I did however go to the largest IKEA in the world, and it was amazing: what a space and what a products.

I do like the Swedish fabrics, and the culture of hand-made products, it is inspiring!
I'll just keep looking on the internet, for instance www.jansdotter.com, Lotta makes such nice things.

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