maandag 8 augustus 2022

Leaf shapes

 Printing shapes of plants: I was looking around for some nice shapes to do some plant printing and I found this one, I do not know the name, I have not seen it before.

Dipping the shape into some paint and then see what happens:

maandag 1 augustus 2022

Paper collage

Some earthy tones inspired me for a small creative project. First I tore up some paper pieces and arranged them layer by layer, just playing around, adding more dark or bright tones. I started off with a square but ended up with a circle. I then glued them as a composition.

I also used some of the colors as a reference for combinations. Another fun afternoon in the studio!


maandag 18 juli 2022

Golden sun

This week I waited for some amazing sunsets, yes waited because it was slow going. But pretty spectacular with a golden lining...

Some golden and yellow painted paper inspired me to make a sun for you. There is something about paper, colour and shapes that makes me happy, maybe because it is so unpredictable:


maandag 11 juli 2022

Natural plant colours


These are all jars of plant material with water, to let the sun and warmth extract the colours. I took this photo on FLORIADE Expo, where there was a pavillion built like this. It is called Shade by Nature and is a project by the Almeerse Wolunie, a society of wool-lovers. 

I liked the design, the colours, the process and the idea of finding natural colour. Inspirational...

maandag 4 juli 2022

Plant roof

 This Tiny House was designed for the horticultural magazine Groei en Bloei, made of wood and the roofs were covered by plants. I loved this colour combination, it was all happy, fresh and bright. It can be seen at FLORIADE Expo in the Netherlands until October.

I tried to capture the colour combination with some pencils:

maandag 27 juni 2022

Sketchbook page

 Still sketching... these drawings are made from TV images as you can see by the format and composition. They learn me to sketch quickly and they give ideas. Love doing this.

dinsdag 21 juni 2022

Need for shelters

Are you in need of a shelter? I think we sometimes all are. The feeling to hide, to rest, to be comforted. I had this image in mind and tried to draw it.

You can find shelters in all different places:

- curled up like this drawing

- in an embrace of a person (known or unknown)

- in a physical building, like sheltering for the rain or sun

- in silence

- in the comfort of nature

- in presence of God

- in art

We need these shelters to heal and refresh.